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Racist Missouri Looking for Another Dubious Title

After reclaiming their title of Meth Capital USA several months ago Missouri is once again looking to add to it’s resume. This time the Show Me State is trotting out St. Louis to be in the running for The Most Racist City in America. runs down a pretty comprehensive list of St. Louis’ racist qualities including:

Missouri: The Show Me Racism State

Missouri: The Show Me Racism State

While these events point out the city’s racist past, the comments section of the article paints a more descriptive tale of St. Louis’ racist present.

St. Louis is the obvious crown jewel in Missouri’s racist crown, but don’t discount the rest of the state including Columbia which is steeped in racist tradition from Quantrill’s raid’s of town’s that didn’t support slavery to their current campus shenanigans:

Mizzou football fans in black face

Mizzou football fans in black face.

For more on the subject of Missouri racism check out the following articles:

Missouri National Guard Investigates Another Soldier’s Alleged Racist Ties

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Missouri…the Puke State

An blurb from the Pitch explaining on Missouri's former nicknames.

Posted in The Pitch’s column There’s no such thing as a stupid question about KC, right?

It still looks like a bunch on Missourians puked on it.

Missouri: Meth Capital of the US…Again!

Missouri: Meth Capital USA

Might need a bigger banner.

Missouri has reclaimed it’s title of the of Meth Capital USA by recording a whopping 2,096 meth lab busts in 2011. It’s closest competition was Tennessee’s with 1,687 busts. “Missouri had been the nation’s top meth-producing state every year from 2003-2009″ until Tennessee over took them in 2010.

The article also states:

One staggering statistic shows just how prevalent the drug is in Missouri. According to the AP, in 2011, Jefferson County, which is just south of St. Louis County, had 253 seizures. That’s more than Texas, Florida, and California combined. Those three states had a total of 219 meth lab busts.

Overall this is an unprecedented run for a state that is not known for sustained achievement. Maybe Mizzou’s athletic programs could learn a thing or two about winning titles from the large population of meth manufacturers in Missouri.
Source: Missouri regains unwanted claim to fame: Meth Capital |


Schadenfreude is a German word that means “pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others”. Since no one has more misfortunes than Mizzou this post gathers images of these events so we can all have a good laugh.

I think Cartman illustrates this concept the best in this clip:

So without further ado here are the lozzers.

There's no Z in crying.

Tiger tears...delicious!

Mizzou guard Phil Pressey crying to officials

If at first you don't succeed cry, cry again.

Steve Moore lets his insignificance sink in.

Steve Moore lets his insignificance sink in.

Actor John Hamm had reason to cry after his team blew a 19 point lead in the final Border War.

Actor John Hamm had reason to cry after his team blew a 19 point lead in the final Border War.

Mizzou softball players crying after a loss.

Mizzou's best athletic program continues the streak of no championships.

Mizzou fan hides face at Insight Bowl

Insight Bowl

Is this what "success" looks like?

Tigers lose 78-63 to Cincinnati Bearcats in the first round of the NCAA Tournament

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Hitler Supports Fizzou

Kansas Wins 2,000th Game

The Lawrence Journal World has created a poster that lists every single game that make up Kansas 2,000 wins in NCAA men’s basketball. 168 of those belong to Missouri.

Source: Lawrence Journal World

Download the pdf here.

Missouri: 7th Ugliest State

Daily Beast declares that Missouri falls into the 44th slot in the list of Best Looking State residents. While this comes as a shock to no one the River Front Times (a Saint Louis blog) decided to push in their neighbors faces by offering analysis of the ranking. They make a couple good points on whether the metrics were really valid and scientific and that the data could be a bit skewed. However, I counter that they should be happy that IQ and number of teeth weren’t figured into the equation, because finishing 51st in a 50 entry competition is pretty pathetic.

Fizzou Alum: Tony Temple


Like many of Mizzou’s former star performers Tony Temple finds himself on the wrong of a $40,00 dollar bail bond. KMBC reports that Missouri’s star running back just two years ago has been charged with domestic assault.

According to court documents, a 25-year-old woman told police that Temple came into her Grandview home Tuesday morning, demanding to know where she had been.

The woman told police that she had been working at a restaurant and had not returned Temple’s phone calls.

The woman told police that Temple started throwing items in her house and grabbed her by the throat. The woman said she tried to call police from a cell phone, but Temple grabbed the phone.

The woman said she then tried to run out the front door, but Temple pulled her back inside and told her to go to the bedroom. The woman said she ran into the bathroom and escaped out a window. The woman said she ran to an aunt’s house to call 911.

I’m not trying to make light of the situation as woman beaters are a disgrace in themselves. However his side of the story is humorous. He claims “he went to the woman’s house to let the dog out, but she wanted to talk about their relationship. He claims the woman began throwing items around the house.” Nice alibi Tony.

Debacle Decade pt.2


As if in response to my post a week ago about the best memories of bad things happening at Mizzou this decade, The Rock M Nation blog posted this article: Mizzou in the ’00s: Worst Moments of the Decade.

I would say they did a pretty good job of on taking themselves apart. After all no one knows someones weaknesses like themselves. Here’s the list

1. Ricky Clemons (2002-04)

2. Athena-Gate (2008)

3. Basketball: Texas 75, Mizzou 69 (2004)

4. Football: Oklahoma 38, Mizzou 17 (2007)

5. Football: The Five-Game Losing Streak (2004)

6. Basketball: The Popcorn Incident (2005)

7. Football: Troy 24, Mizzou 14 (2004)

8. Basketball: Kansas 84, Mizzou 82 (2004)

9. Football: Kansas 40, Mizzou 37 (2008)

10. Basketball: Belmont 71, Mizzou 67 (2003)

There is some really good commentary in the article that picks apart why each event was so disheartening as well as links and videos to further revel in Fizzou’s incompetence.

Feel free to leave a comment on their post and offer your idea on why Fizzou had such a horrible decade.