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Who Are Ya?!

Chase Daniels ad for his skills camp is met with sarcasm from local fans.

Chase Daniels ad for his skills camp is met with sarcasm from local fans.

Chase Daniels time spent as an NFL back-up have apparently done nothing to enhance his legacy in the Kansas City area. When a Facebook ad was posted for his ProCamp local fans responded with nothing but derision.

Mizzou’s Adds Baseball to Mugshot Club

Mizzou first baseman Gavin Stark smashes up university building assaults student

From The Pitch:

Mizzou first baseman Gavin Stark is not having a very good season. The Lee’s Summit native has started just four games (down from 17 the previous year), and he’s hitting just .091. And now he has been suspended from the team and is facing felony charges after allegedly going a little nuts Monday night.

A witness told the MU Police Department that the witness was sitting near Reynolds Alumni Center on campus when Stark approached him. The ballplayer allegedly threw the witness’s laptop on the ground and began trying to punch him. The MUPD says that after the punches failed to land, the infielder picked up a rock and threatened the witness, who ran from Stark. Then Stark allegedly got weirder.

Police say he used the rock to smash a window in the alumni center and climb through the broken glass into a room that had been set up for a meeting. According to The Columbia Missourian, Stark than broke and damaged “lamps, lamp shades, tables and coffee cups” before police arrived on the scene.

MUPD Chief Brian Weimer told the paper that the first baseman “assumed a fighting stance and started yelling profanities at the officers.” After a short chase, officers arrested Stark.

Stark, 22, faces charges of felony burglary, resisting arrest (another felony) and property damage. Weimer told the paper that officers believe Stark was intoxicated at the time of his arrest.

With this kind of behavior it is rumored that head football coach Gary Pinkel is looking to offer Stark a spot on the team.

Going, Going, Gone!

MIzzou falls in the polls.

It’s tradition at MU to greet great expectations with mediocre results.

The second season with Frank Haith at the helm was even more disappointing than Mizzou’s first round exit to a #15 seed in last year’s NCAA Tournament. Some solace can be taken in this year’s first round exit in that they were playing and 8/9 game, but could not hide the fact that the Tiger’s struggled to win in a much easier conference than their previous home. They finished 6th in the SEC which received just three invites to the NCAA Tournament. Even worse was their inability to win on the road as evidenced by their 2-8 record in true road games.

The graphic above illustrates just how Frank Haith was able to take the high expectations built on a bevy a talented transfers and run it into the ground.

For more information on Mizzou’s pitiful season check out these:

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"I didn't eran it, but I'll sure as hell spend it"

“I didn’t eran it, but I’ll sure as hell spend it”

A year after being named the AP’s Coach of the Year, Mizzou’s Frank Haith has earned another title: Most Overpaid College Basketball Coach. Forbes has announced that Frank overtook John Calipari as the coach who has done the least while still collecting a hefty paycheck.

The article points out Haith’s that in 9 years of coaching “Haith has two NCAA tournament appearances on his resume, none past the second round. His .611 career winning percentage is 80 points below that of the typical million dollar-plus coach. At $1.6 million, Haith’s salary is comparable to those of Josh Pastner of Memphis, John Thompson III of Georgetown and Mike Montgomery of California, all of whom have put up better career numbers.”

The whole list is shown here: Forbes: The Most Overpaid Coaches in College Basketball

The list was compiled using the following metrics:

To come up with our list of the most overpaid coaches, we crunched a variety of metrics — service time, winning percentage, NCAA tournament appearances, Final Fours and championships — and compared them to current salaries fromUSA Today’s database. Tournament appearances and results are measured against total seasons in order to even out differences in service time among coaches – i.e. five tourney appearances in 10 seasons scores higher than five in 15 seasons.

Mizzou is Stranger Than Fiction

Course on sibling incest offered at Mizzou. (Image via TFM)

The headline reads like it came from the Onion, “Sibling Incest Class Offered At University Of Missouri” but this story comes from the Huffington Post. The class title sounds like a Missouri PSA campaign but will actually focus on “theoretical and critical perspectives on incest, and sibling incest in particular, alongside readings of literature of the late eighteenth through early twentieth century.”

Given that Missouri has a reputation as being a bunch of back water hicks who marry their cousins you would think they wouldn’t want to draw attention to this subject. The class will no doubt comfort in state students and educate out of staters on regional life styles. For a state that isn’t quite over slavery being outlawed this is twisted attempt at being progressive.

Total Frat Move has pretty good take on the whole thing.

People of Wal-Mart: Missouri Edition

Reposting this from Riverfront Times, because it is just too good. Click to see the full gallery.

Keeping it classy in Missouri.

Keeping it classy in Missouri.

As you can see this gallery has a lot in common with the People of Mizzou.

Mizzou Fan Jacks Off During Own Teams Free Throw

More proof that Mizzou fans indeed have the mental abilities of a 3rd grader. As Lawrence Bowers takes the to free throw line in an attempt to reach 1,000 points in his career the notorious Antler cheering section pays tribute to this event by slowly wanking it.

Video via: Riverfront Times

Mizzou fans are crazy…literally!

All I can say to this video is…Wow! Looks like this Mizzou fan got a “quality” education at this institution of lower learning.

Video via: Joe Sports Fan

Disgraced Guard Michael Dixon Leaves Mizzou

Mizzou guard Michael Dixon leaves school after second rape allegation comes out.

Mizzou guard Michael Dixon leaves school after second sexual assault allegation comes out.

More bad news for Mizzou. As if their football season wasn’t ugly enough, MU fans were hit while they were down as news of Michael Dixon’s second sexual assault charge came to light . The offense actually occurred in 2010 (Dixon’s freshman year) Not long after the news of the second charge broke, Dixon announced that he is leaving Mizzou and has already left the basketball team.

Dixon had been serving an indefinite suspension which head coach Frank Haith said was for “violating team policy”. The 201o charge was reported to the head coach at the time, Mike Anderson, by the victim, but no action was taken after she decided not to press charges.

Dixon continues to plead his innocence by tweeting “I’ve done nothing wrong” which doesn’t seem to indicate that he has grasped the seriousness of his crimes. This has repeat offender written all over it.

Second accusation against Dixon surfaces | STL Today
Missouri guard Michael Dixon Jr. announces transfer from school | Missourian

Mizzou’s Michael Dixon Suspension Most Likely Involves Sexual Assault

Mizzou’s “star” shooting guard Michael Dixon has been on indefinite suspension since the first exhibition game for an undisclosed “rules violation”. Now six games into the regular season the guard still sits and the coach still discloses no information.  Seems a little fishy that a team that just got pounded by Louisville wouldn’t want one of it’s better players on the floor. This would indicate the violation is either very serious or ongoing (bad grades).

Over the weekend former MU basketball player Kim English spilled the beans that Dixon’s case is being reviewed by the Student Conduct Committee who has the ability to suspend or expel students for conduct violations. Pair this information with recent tweets sent out by a female coed accusing Dixon of being a rapist and the picture becomes clearer.

Michael Dixon of Missouri is Suspended and These Now-Deleted Tweets May Begin to Explain Why

Michael Dixon of Missouri is Suspended and These Now-Deleted Tweets May Begin to Explain Why

Coach Haith who is still under investigation for paying recruits while coaching at Miami knows all too well how to ignore legal distractions and will likely not make any announcements until the legal side of this case is settled. Since any suspension of expelling of a student can be reviewed and over ruled by the chancellor, this issue could be a long drawn episode similar to the whole Ricky Clemmons fiasco.

More info here: Michael Dixon of Missouri is Suspended and These Now-Deleted Tweets May Begin to Explain Why