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Missouri: Meth Capital of the US…Again!

Missouri: Meth Capital USA

Might need a bigger banner.

Missouri has reclaimed it’s title of the of Meth Capital USA by recording a whopping 2,096 meth lab busts in 2011. It’s closest competition was Tennessee’s with 1,687 busts. “Missouri had been the nation’s top meth-producing state every year from 2003-2009″ until Tennessee over took them in 2010.

The article also states:

One staggering statistic shows just how prevalent the drug is in Missouri. According to the AP, in 2011, Jefferson County, which is just south of St. Louis County, had 253 seizures. That’s more than Texas, Florida, and California combined. Those three states had a total of 219 meth lab busts.

Overall this is an unprecedented run for a state that is not known for sustained achievement. Maybe Mizzou’s athletic programs could learn a thing or two about winning titles from the large population of meth manufacturers in Missouri.
Source: Missouri regains unwanted claim to fame: Meth Capital |

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