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Debacle Decade pt.2


As if in response to my post a week ago about the best memories of bad things happening at Mizzou this decade, The Rock M Nation blog posted this article: Mizzou in the ’00s: Worst Moments of the Decade.

I would say they did a pretty good job of on taking themselves apart. After all no one knows someones weaknesses like themselves. Here’s the list

1. Ricky Clemons (2002-04)

2. Athena-Gate (2008)

3. Basketball: Texas 75, Mizzou 69 (2004)

4. Football: Oklahoma 38, Mizzou 17 (2007)

5. Football: The Five-Game Losing Streak (2004)

6. Basketball: The Popcorn Incident (2005)

7. Football: Troy 24, Mizzou 14 (2004)

8. Basketball: Kansas 84, Mizzou 82 (2004)

9. Football: Kansas 40, Mizzou 37 (2008)

10. Basketball: Belmont 71, Mizzou 67 (2003)

There is some really good commentary in the article that picks apart why each event was so disheartening as well as links and videos to further revel in Fizzou’s incompetence.

Feel free to leave a comment on their post and offer your idea on why Fizzou had such a horrible decade.

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