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Racist Missouri Looking for Another Dubious Title

After reclaiming their title of Meth Capital USA several months ago Missouri is once again looking to add to it’s resume. This time the Show Me State is trotting out St. Louis to be in the running for The Most Racist City in America. runs down a pretty comprehensive list of St. Louis’ racist qualities including:

Missouri: The Show Me Racism State

Missouri: The Show Me Racism State

While these events point out the city’s racist past, the comments section of the article paints a more descriptive tale of St. Louis’ racist present.

St. Louis is the obvious crown jewel in Missouri’s racist crown, but don’t discount the rest of the state including Columbia which is steeped in racist tradition from Quantrill’s raid’s of town’s that didn’t support slavery to their current campus shenanigans:

Mizzou football fans in black face

Mizzou football fans in black face.

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