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Top Rated Recruit from St. Louis Chooses Kansas over Mizzou

5 star recruit, Ben McLemore, from St. Louis announced his decision to take his skills at Kansas over the nearby Missouri, despite the fact that his mom is an avid Mizzou fan.

To top off the local slight, McLemore wore a Mizzou t-shirt to the press conference to announce his decision only to take if off when he announce that it was Lawrence was where is wanted to be, not Columbia.

His mother, Sonya, a hardcore Missouri fan said it was the visit to Lawrence that started to change her mind about Kansas.  “It was great. The love was there. The excitement was there. I felt it is where he needed to be,” Sonya said of KU. “The crowd was nice. The people were nice. It felt comfortable.

In reality it was a no brainer to pick  perennial power house program with great exposure over a struggling basketball team with coaching issues.

Link: St. Louis Prep Ben McLemore Commits to Kansas | Lawrence Journal World

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