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"I didn't eran it, but I'll sure as hell spend it"

“I didn’t eran it, but I’ll sure as hell spend it”

A year after being named the AP’s Coach of the Year, Mizzou’s Frank Haith has earned another title: Most Overpaid College Basketball Coach. Forbes has announced that Frank overtook John Calipari as the coach who has done the least while still collecting a hefty paycheck.

The article points out Haith’s that in 9 years of coaching “Haith has two NCAA tournament appearances on his resume, none past the second round. His .611 career winning percentage is 80 points below that of the typical million dollar-plus coach. At $1.6 million, Haith’s salary is comparable to those of Josh Pastner of Memphis, John Thompson III of Georgetown and Mike Montgomery of California, all of whom have put up better career numbers.”

The whole list is shown here: Forbes: The Most Overpaid Coaches in College Basketball

The list was compiled using the following metrics:

To come up with our list of the most overpaid coaches, we crunched a variety of metrics — service time, winning percentage, NCAA tournament appearances, Final Fours and championships — and compared them to current salaries fromUSA Today’s database. Tournament appearances and results are measured against total seasons in order to even out differences in service time among coaches – i.e. five tourney appearances in 10 seasons scores higher than five in 15 seasons.

Growing Pains

Mizzou has had a rough time adjusting the SEC. Whether it’s the superior talent of the SEC or inferior game planning and execution of the Tigers, they are simply getting creamed. Here’s a quick gallery of Mizzou’s physical introduction to the best football conference in the NCAA.

Franklin looking foolish

COLUMBIA , MO – SEPTEMBER 8: James Franklin #1 of the Missouri Tigers is stripped of the ball by Jarvis Jones #29 of the Georgia Bulldogs in the second quarter at Memorial Stadium on September 8, 2012 in Columbia, Missouri. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)


Another Mizzou fumble

Another Mizzou fumble against Georgia.

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More Cheating at Mizzou

An STLToday article reveals that two Mizzou doctors plagiarized at least a third of a research paper on irregular heartbeats:

The editor of the medical sciences journal said the similarities between the two papers are “obvious and significant,” according to the blog Retraction Watch, which first reported the incident.

The retraction marks the latest problem for the MU medical school, already under a federal fraud investigation for illegal billing by two radiologists. Dr. Kenneth Rall and Dr. Michael Richards were dismissed in May after an internal audit found they had billed Medicare for services that were performed by residents, doctors who receive specialty training in the three to seven years after medical school.

A STLToday article reports that two Mizzou doctors plagarized a research paper on irregular heartbeats:

At the time, the school’s dean, Dr. Robert Churchill, announced his plans to step down in October after less than three years in the position.

Churchill was brought on as dean in October 2009 after the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education placed the school’s residency programs on probation. The council cited a lack of funds and poor record-keeping as reasons for the probation, an action it hands down to only a few schools each year.

The council also criticized the school for allowing medical residents to take on noneducational duties such as scheduling patient appointments.

While cheating is nothing new at Mizzou it does seem a little odd that these two doctor’s wouldn’t expect anyone to notice a report that uses this much plagiarized material.

It is also interesting that the school’s residency department suffers from “lack of funds” when the school recently announced a $200 million plan to improve the athletic facilities. Maybe they could apply the money they are stealing from war vets to the residency program.

Missouri: Exporter of Sadness

A quick run down on some key elements that make Missouri what it is.

Via: Comedy Central: Indecision 2012

Top Rated Recruit from St. Louis Chooses Kansas over Mizzou

5 star recruit, Ben McLemore, from St. Louis announced his decision to take his skills at Kansas over the nearby Missouri, despite the fact that his mom is an avid Mizzou fan.

To top off the local slight, McLemore wore a Mizzou t-shirt to the press conference to announce his decision only to take if off when he announce that it was Lawrence was where is wanted to be, not Columbia.

His mother, Sonya, a hardcore Missouri fan said it was the visit to Lawrence that started to change her mind about Kansas.  “It was great. The love was there. The excitement was there. I felt it is where he needed to be,” Sonya said of KU. “The crowd was nice. The people were nice. It felt comfortable.

In reality it was a no brainer to pick  perennial power house program with great exposure over a struggling basketball team with coaching issues.

Link: St. Louis Prep Ben McLemore Commits to Kansas | Lawrence Journal World

Fallout From Frank Haith Hire

A lot of people have reacted to Mizzou’s panic hire of Frank Haith. Here’s a look at what is being said.

“It is unbelievable. Frank’s a nice guy. But it is unbelievable. You couldn’t guess that name.” – Anonymous Missouri Booster |

“instead of a hot mid-major coach, the Tigers wound up with someone from a major program who wasn’t even lukewarm.” – Mark Bradley

“Mizzou fans, much like their administration, greatly overvalue their athletic teams. This was no more evident than when Mizzou tried to bolt from the Big 12 to the Big 10 last year, only to find that they were not wanted. Now, Mizzou makes a questionable hire for a men’s basketball program that has never been to a Final Four. The Mizzou basketball job is a decent one at best.” Comment on CollegeSportsBlog

David Wasinger, a member of Missouri’s Board of Curators, added that he was “aware of disappointment and disapproval being expressed about Haith, who has a reputation as a strong recruiter but took Miami to the NCAA Tournament just once in his seven seasons as a head coach.” STLToday

selection of Haith — in contrast to Missouri’s ill-fated courtship of Purdue coach Matt Painter last week — was like “going from a Mercedes to a Prius.” – MU Alumnus, Tim Hyder | Kansas City Star

“I thought we were stepping up,” said Dennis Harper, founder of the iconic Harpo’s bar and grill franchise. “It sounds like we’re stepping down.” – Kansas City Star
MU students were considering staging a protest outside the curators meeting as a “peaceful but adamant rejection of Frank Haith.” – Kansas City Star
It is interesting to note that the attitude of most Mizzou fans had evolved to the point where they actually think they deserved an upper echelon coach. In this aspect alone Alden should be proud, considering no one outside of Columbia would agree.

Here’s a resume of Mike Alden’s coaching hires at Mizzou.

More Racism in Columbia

The fact that Missouri was a slave state does not excuse the continued behavior of it’s students. Mizzou has once again failed to grasp that we are not in the Civil War days and that everyone has a right to an education. For the second straight year Mizzou has shown it’s true colors during Black History month with racially driven vandalism.

Last year cotton balls were scattered across the lawn of the Black Culture Center. Now a Kansas City Star article reports “In the early morning hours, a student painted a racial slur on a sculpture outside of Hatch residence hall.”

The student (below) Ben Elliot ironically enough has dreadlocks, but I’m sure that fact is lost on him.

More coverage: at the Huffingfton Post

Mizzou to Face Iowa in the Insight Bowl

In honor of Mizzou’s acceptance to play in yet another non-BCS bowl Muck is offering a special shirt for the event. This Yellow and Black shirt works for the avid Hawkeye fan as well as the all too common self-hating Mizzourian.

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Whine Time

The transition from November to December is usually a time for putting up holiday decorations and planning family trips to see relatives. However if you are a Mizzou fan it is time to start creating excuses for yet another disappointing football season and ultimately accepting an invitation to another mediocre bowl game.

You see Mizzou fans have the the unique ability to see greatness where there is none and then blame the team, media, and even other fans when they realize they were wrong. When expectations and results don’t match up someone has to take the blame. Then come the excuses.

A common excuse is that the Missouri fans don’t travel well, and there is certainly truth to that. Just look at their pitiful history in attending Bowl games. But in reality the bowls are more worried that Mizzou fans WILL show up. It’s like inviting an group of ex-convicts to your wedding. Just look at last year’s Texas bowl which saw the Tigers band disrespect Navy after getting embarrassed on the field, by blasting their fight song during the historical Navy Blue and Gold.

Whiny fans are one thing, and thinking your above a bowl game that you end up losing is another, but if your band can’t even behave then you have problems.

What others are saying about MIzzou’s fans:

“Year after year, Mizzou fans complain about this travesty. And year after year Mizzou fans fail to support the Tigers to the maximum, thus perpetuating the problem.” – St. Louis Post Dispatch

“The Missouri Tigers may perform well on the field, but the fans do not provide the support required to make them an attractive bowl invite.” – MrPressBox

“It’s looking like Mizzou will be considered the fifth best team in the Big 12, which would be disappointing to Missouri fans.” – SB Nation – Kansas City

Le Tigre Mort (The Dead Tiger)

Here’s an innovative brand that shares the same values as every team in the Big 12 not name Missouri.