Muck Fizzou

The Anti-Missouri Home Base.

People of Mizzou

To defeat your enemy you must be able to recognize your enemy. Use these images to familiarize yourself with these slack jawed hicks so you can avoid or (preferably) mock them.

How to spot a Mizzou fan

Mizzou fan with blow up doll

Mizzou fan pictured with his long time girlfriend.

Three horribly painted Mizzou freshmen.

This is what real tigers look like.

Mizzou fan practices giving blow jobs on national TV.

Mizzou fan shows Doug Gotlieb what he’d like to do to him.

Classy Mizzou fan gives finger to no one in particular.

Overweight Mizzou fan in sports bra.


Proud MIzzou fan robs credit union.

Proud MIzzou fan robs credit union.

Female Mizzou fan with arm pit hair.

Cover model for the Women of Mizzou calendar

Missouri fan with mispelled sign

No caption needed.

Mizzou family.

Welcome to the zou!

Mizzou fans at tailgate. Monster mullet.

Mizzou fans put the “MU” in MUllets.

Mizzou fans hold up mispelled signs

Future Mizzou grads practice spelling.

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