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Who Are Ya?!

Chase Daniels ad for his skills camp is met with sarcasm from local fans.

Chase Daniels ad for his skills camp is met with sarcasm from local fans.

Chase Daniels time spent as an NFL back-up have apparently done nothing to enhance his legacy in the Kansas City area. When a Facebook ad was posted for his ProCamp local fans responded with nothing but derision.

People of Wal-Mart: Missouri Edition

Reposting this from Riverfront Times, because it is just too good. Click to see the full gallery.

Keeping it classy in Missouri.

Keeping it classy in Missouri.

As you can see this gallery has a lot in common with the People of Mizzou.

Mizzou fans are crazy…literally!

All I can say to this video is…Wow! Looks like this Mizzou fan got a “quality” education at this institution of lower learning.

Video via: Joe Sports Fan

Tiger’s Celebrate Mediocrity

A shirt that celebrates Mizzou's win over 1-8 Kentucky

Mizzou commemorates it’s win over 1-8 Kentucky with a t-shirt.

Mizzou, the once proud (in their own mind) program is so desperate to celebrate some aspect of it’s football season that they have produced a shirt commemorating their win over the 1-8 Kentucky football program.

Out Kick the Coverage has a pretty entertaining write up on the shirts and the patheticness they represent.

SEC radio host owns “We Are Mizzou” d-bags

Mizzou has a proud tradition of embarrassing themselves and their move to a new conference hasn’t slowed them down at all. In case you missed the utterly missable “We Are Mizzou” video here’s the skinny: Three of Mizzou’s finest decided to make a “rap” video last December to promote their best basketball team ever which eventually lost in the first round of of the NCAA tournament despite having a #2 seed.

Now that they are ready to start their first season in the SEC the SEC Press Pass sat them down for an interview and they display an impressive lack of knowledge about their new opponents. Just watch:

Enjoy your weekly beatings Mizzou.

Border War Propaganda

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the Border War brings up a lot of words that are usually reserved for back alley brawls. I was impressed with the level of content Jayhawk Nation created this season and thought it only appropriate to show them off here.

Thomas Robinson swats away Mizzou's Big 12 title hopes.

Thomas Robinson swats away Mizzou's Big 12 title hopes.

Demotivational poster about Mizzou's inability to succeed.

Baby Jayhawk Makes Baby Mizzou Cry

This Mizzou fan actually took the loss better than most.

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People of Mizzou

To defeat your enemy you must be able to recognize your enemy. Use these images to familiarize yourself with these slack jawed hicks so you can avoid or (preferably) mock them.

How to spot a Mizzou fan

Mizzou fan with blow up doll

Mizzou fan pictured with his long time girlfriend.

Three horribly painted Mizzou freshmen.

This is what real tigers look like.

Mizzou fan practices giving blow jobs on national TV.

Mizzou fan shows Doug Gotlieb what he’d like to do to him.

Classy Mizzou fan gives finger to no one in particular.

Overweight Mizzou fan in sports bra.


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Wheel of Mizzfortune wallpaper

The Big 12 has never been a fan of Mizzou and were quite disappointed when the Big 10 turned them down flat. With the upcoming Border War game there is no better time to mock their Mizzfortune than with this wallpaper.

Download the desktop wallpaper so all your Mizzou colleagues know where they stand.


Also check out the new Wheel of Mizzfortune shirt at the Muck Fizzou store.

Le Tigre Mort (The Dead Tiger)

Here’s an innovative brand that shares the same values as every team in the Big 12 not name Missouri.