Going, Going, Gone!

Another season of great Mizzou expectations met by resounding failure.

MIzzou falls in the polls.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Quarterbacks are apparently very impressionable position players. Three QB’s have been arrested in the off-season after Mizzou’s head coach Gary Pinkel was arrested for a DUI last season.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Grandpa Simpson Hates Missouri Too!

There is a certain clarity gained by lifetime of experience. In this clip Grandpa Simpson imparts some knowledge on his family while dissing Missouri.

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Mizzou’s Michael Dixon Suspension Most Likely Involves Sexual Assault

Mizzou’s “star” shooting guard Michael Dixon has been on indefinite suspension since the first exhibition game for an undisclosed “rules violation”. Now six games into the regular season the guard still sits and the coach still discloses no information.  Seems a little fishy that a team that just got pounded by Louisville wouldn’t want one of it’s better players on the floor. This would indicate the violation is either very serious or ongoing (bad grades).

Over the weekend former MU basketball player Kim English spilled the beans that Dixon’s case is being reviewed by the Student Conduct Committee who has the ability to suspend or expel students for conduct violations. Pair this information with recent tweets sent out by a female coed accusing Dixon of being a rapist and the picture becomes clearer.

Michael Dixon of Missouri is Suspended and These Now-Deleted Tweets May Begin to Explain Why

Michael Dixon of Missouri is Suspended and These Now-Deleted Tweets May Begin to Explain Why

Coach Haith who is still under investigation for paying recruits while coaching at Miami knows all too well how to ignore legal distractions and will likely not make any announcements until the legal side of this case is settled. Since any suspension of expelling of a student can be reviewed and over ruled by the chancellor, this issue could be a long drawn episode similar to the whole Ricky Clemmons fiasco.

More info here: Michael Dixon of Missouri is Suspended and These Now-Deleted Tweets May Begin to Explain Why

Johnny Football Smashes Mizzou

Mizzou's bowl hopes smashed.

You know the story by now. Mizzou faces a ranked opponent with high hopes only to be sent crashing back to reality once the game starts. As one media expert pointed out “Between Texas A&M and Mizzou one was ready for the rigors of SEC football and Mizzou wasn’t.” One former Big 12 team is in the hunt for a BCS bowl while the other’s season is over.

Here is what the media is saying about Mizzou’s latest loss and the state of it’s football program:

Johnny Manziel shines as Texas A&M rolls over Mizzou | ESPN

The Aggies (10-2, 6-2 SEC) scored touchdowns on their first six drives to build a 42-7 halftime lead and coast to their first 10-win season since 1998.

The win snaps A&M’s three-game losing streak to Missouri (5-7, 2-6 SEC), and will keep the Tigers from becoming bowl eligible for the first time since 2004.

“We don’t act like this is just real unusual that they scored some points (on us)” Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said. “It’s not.” Read More…

Orange Crush Mizzou’s Hopes

Mizzou's hopes crushed by Syracuse.

Mizzou’s hopes crushed by Syracuse. (AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

Both teams entered the Mizzou v Syracuse game looking to get their sixth win and become bowl eligible. One team stepped up to the plate and claimed their prize while Mizzou let yet another game slip away at home because of poor execution and lack of awareness.

Ironically enough Mizzou had to pay $800,000 to get the Syracuse game to fill out it’s schedule this season. Kind of like paying someone to come to your house and kick you in the nuts and spit on you in front of your wife and kids. I guess Pinkel has a masochistic side which would explain his excitment to move to the SEC in the first place.

Here is what the media is saying about Mizzou’s collapse:

For some reason, Alec Lemon had been open all night. Play after play, Syracuse’s senior wide receiver was finding ways to beat Missouri defenders left and right.

So Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib decided to keep going to him — again and again — on the Orange’s final drive of the game. It worked out as Nassib targeted him six times in seven plays, connecting with him four times for 81 yards, but his final catch was the biggest one of the day — and the season.

The conservative play calling led to an Andrew Baggett field goal with less than two minutes remaining. Syracuse then seemed to just stroll down the field on the Tigers on their game-winning drive.


Mizzou’s defeat is utterly shocking | STL Today: Bryn Burwell

Silence. Stunned, unbelievable, angry silence.

This is not how any Senior Night should ever end. No, nothing ever like this. It can’t end with your stomach in your throat. It can’t end with your heart sinking to the floor. It can’t end with the collective hush of more than 63,000 stunned spectators who thought the game was finally safely in hand, only to see the whole thing slip away like sand through a screen.

Syracuse 31, Mizzou 27.

The most heartbreaking sight of all was seeing all those Mizzou senior football players who just milled around the middle of the field aimlessly as the gun sounded, knowing that they had been robbed of the tradition of being carried off the field on their teammates shoulders at the final home game of their college careers to the cheers of the home crowd.

So come up with any negative words and they’ll certainly apply. Shock. Anger. Embarrassment. Disgust. In a season already chocked full of hair-pulling setbacks and unsightly disappointments, this may have been the worst unsightly turn of them all. Read More…