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Going, Going, Gone!

MIzzou falls in the polls.

It’s tradition at MU to greet great expectations with mediocre results.

The second season with Frank Haith at the helm was even more disappointing than Mizzou’s first round exit to a #15 seed in last year’s NCAA Tournament. Some solace can be taken in this year’s first round exit in that they were playing and 8/9 game, but could not hide the fact that the Tiger’s struggled to win in a much easier conference than their previous home. They finished 6th in the SEC which received just three invites to the NCAA Tournament. Even worse was their inability to win on the road as evidenced by their 2-8 record in true road games.

The graphic above illustrates just how Frank Haith was able to take the high expectations built on a bevy a talented transfers and run it into the ground.

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