Going, Going, Gone!

Another season of great Mizzou expectations met by resounding failure.

MIzzou falls in the polls.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Quarterbacks are apparently very impressionable position players. Three QB’s have been arrested in the off-season after Mizzou’s head coach Gary Pinkel was arrested for a DUI last season.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Grandpa Simpson Hates Missouri Too!

There is a certain clarity gained by lifetime of experience. In this clip Grandpa Simpson imparts some knowledge on his family while dissing Missouri.

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Mizzou Fan Jacks Off During Own Teams Free Throw

More proof that Mizzou fans indeed have the mental abilities of a 3rd grader. As Lawrence Bowers takes the to free throw line in an attempt to reach 1,000 points in his career the notorious Antler cheering section pays tribute to this event by slowly wanking it.

Video via: Riverfront Times

Mizzou fans are crazy…literally!

All I can say to this video is…Wow! Looks like this Mizzou fan got a “quality” education at this institution of lower learning.

Video via: Joe Sports Fan

Disgraced Guard Michael Dixon Leaves Mizzou

Mizzou guard Michael Dixon leaves school after second rape allegation comes out.

Mizzou guard Michael Dixon leaves school after second sexual assault allegation comes out.

More bad news for Mizzou. As if their football season wasn’t ugly enough, MU fans were hit while they were down as news of Michael Dixon’s second sexual assault charge came to light . The offense actually occurred in 2010 (Dixon’s freshman year) Not long after the news of the second charge broke, Dixon announced that he is leaving Mizzou and has already left the basketball team.

Dixon had been serving an indefinite suspension which head coach Frank Haith said was for “violating team policy”. The 201o charge was reported to the head coach at the time, Mike Anderson, by the victim, but no action was taken after she decided not to press charges.

Dixon continues to plead his innocence by tweeting “I’ve done nothing wrong” which doesn’t seem to indicate that he has grasped the seriousness of his crimes. This has repeat offender written all over it.

Second accusation against Dixon surfaces | STL Today
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