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Fallout From Frank Haith Hire

A lot of people have reacted to Mizzou’s panic hire of Frank Haith. Here’s a look at what is being said.

“It is unbelievable. Frank’s a nice guy. But it is unbelievable. You couldn’t guess that name.” – Anonymous Missouri Booster |

“instead of a hot mid-major coach, the Tigers wound up with someone from a major program who wasn’t even lukewarm.” – Mark Bradley

“Mizzou fans, much like their administration, greatly overvalue their athletic teams. This was no more evident than when Mizzou tried to bolt from the Big 12 to the Big 10 last year, only to find that they were not wanted. Now, Mizzou makes a questionable hire for a men’s basketball program that has never been to a Final Four. The Mizzou basketball job is a decent one at best.” Comment on CollegeSportsBlog

David Wasinger, a member of Missouri’s Board of Curators, added that he was “aware of disappointment and disapproval being expressed about Haith, who has a reputation as a strong recruiter but took Miami to the NCAA Tournament just once in his seven seasons as a head coach.” STLToday

selection of Haith — in contrast to Missouri’s ill-fated courtship of Purdue coach Matt Painter last week — was like “going from a Mercedes to a Prius.” – MU Alumnus, Tim Hyder | Kansas City Star

“I thought we were stepping up,” said Dennis Harper, founder of the iconic Harpo’s bar and grill franchise. “It sounds like we’re stepping down.” – Kansas City Star
MU students were considering staging a protest outside the curators meeting as a “peaceful but adamant rejection of Frank Haith.” – Kansas City Star
It is interesting to note that the attitude of most Mizzou fans had evolved to the point where they actually think they deserved an upper echelon coach. In this aspect alone Alden should be proud, considering no one outside of Columbia would agree.

Here’s a resume of Mike Alden’s coaching hires at Mizzou.

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