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SEC Doormat Walks All Over Mizzou

Vanderbilt embarrasses Mizzou

Vanderbilt defensive tackle Barron Dixon (44) celebrates with teammates after they defeated Missouri 19-15, Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012, in Columbia, Mo. (AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

Both Vanderbilt and Mizzou were looking for their first SEC win of the season coming into this weekend’s match up and it was the visiting team that went home with a victory. With an 0-2 SEC record you could sense the desperation from the Tiger’s leading up to their game with the Commodores who are just 121-382-18 since joining the SEC:

Missouri targets Vandy for first SEC win | STL Today

If MU can’t win at home against a Vandy team averaging fewer than 10 points a game in FBS play, the Tigers will be making a dramatic statement about just how far they have to go be significant in the SEC.

“It’s about time we get one,” MU defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson said. “We need one right now.”

The Tigers’ first-team unit has produced just two touchdowns in the last nine quarters.

he (Pinkel) expressed concern that a certain “anxiety” arises when an offense struggles as players are “almost waiting for somebody to drop the football or miss a block.”

But unless it creates some breakthroughs to produce its first SEC win today, MU will start being seen as less “a player” in the league than as a distant wannabe.

The must win game apparently did not move Tiger fans to support their team by actually attending the home game at Faurot Field as ticket sales were well short of a sell out in one the SEC smallest stadiums:

Weak fan support for Tigers is embarrassing | KMOV Channel 4

We hear for months how fan support is going to increase so that we can hopefully fit in the SEC picture.  Unless some large spike in support happens in between now and Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt, Mizzou will fail to sellout its second-ever SEC home game.

Mizzou could face some harsh ridicule from other SEC school fans.  It should also be noted that Faurot Field is the tenth largest-capacity stadium in the SEC.  So from where I’m sitting, we have our second-ever SEC home game, in an already undersized SEC-stadium, and will most likely not sellout the game.

Here’s a taste of what the media thinks of the SEC’s new pinata team:

Vandy hands Mizzou demoralizing defeat | STL Today

Challenging any lingering optimism about its debut season in the Southeastern Conference and calling into doubt its ability to reach an eighth straight bowl game, Mizzou tumbled to perennial SEC also-ran Vanderbilt 19-15 Saturday night at Faurot Field.

With the demoralizing defeat to one of the few SEC foes MU figured to beat, the Tigers fell to 3-3 overall and 0-3 in SEC play in its much-anticipated first season in the league as top-ranked Alabama comes calling next.

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Wheel of Mizzfortune

The SEC for better or worse has inherited Mizzou and all their whiny fans. Let them know what you think about school by using this digital wallpaper that even a Mizzou grad could figure (with some help).

Download the desktop wallpaper so all your Mizzou colleagues know where they stand.


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Mizzou Football Coach Arrested for DWI

Gary Drinkel head football coach at Mizzou
It always amazes me how good the University of Missouri is at finding trouble. If it’s not hiring a head basketball coach accused of paying players it’s their football team drinking and driving like it’s going out of style. Now we know where they get it.

Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel was arrested on November 16 for a DWI offense. You can see the quite comical sobriety test below. Some high lights include when he is asked to count backward form 73 to 62 he responds “I can’t do that normally, are you kidding me?”

You should expect to see plenty of “Gary Drinkel” signs at Mizzou road games form now on.

Mizzou’s SEC Application

Muck Fizzou has obtained a copy of Mizzou’s application to join the SEC. Looks like they will fit right in.
Mizzou's application to join the SEC

Questions via: Saturday Night Slant

Late Night at Mizzou

Mizzou Arena empty for Late Night

This is a real image from Mizzou’s Late Night “event” which signifies the first night the team can practice. As you can see their notoriously bad fans showed up in droves.
via: kougar24

Mizzou Let’s Down Black Athletes

Riverfront Times: Black Mizzou Hoopsters Graduate Far Less Often Than Their White Counterparts

According to a study of 64 teams in the men’sNCAA Division I Tournament, Mizzou’s black basketball players show a 25 percent graduation rate. For white Mizzou players — a pretty rare breed in the last ten years — the rate was 100 percent.

Between this and all the racial discrimination at Mizzou I’m not really sure why a black athlete would want to play there. Is it really worth it to put up with the constant racial tension if the school isn’t even trying to graduate you?

Hitler Reacts to Mizzou’s New Coach

Even Mizzou super fan Hitler can’t stomach the new coaching hire for the men’s basketball team.

Wheel of Mizzfortune wallpaper

The Big 12 has never been a fan of Mizzou and were quite disappointed when the Big 10 turned them down flat. With the upcoming Border War game there is no better time to mock their Mizzfortune than with this wallpaper.

Download the desktop wallpaper so all your Mizzou colleagues know where they stand.


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Mizzou vs The Law

Even though their disappointing football season has drawn to a close, Mizzou continues to make headlines by adding yet another criminal charge to it’s team’s accomplishments. This time by repeat offender defensive lineman Jimmy Burge.

Burge was arrested following a traffic stop in which an officer noticed the smell of marijuana wafting from Burge’s pickup truck.  A subsequent search revealed blast pipes, rolling papers, a grinder, 3 grams of marijuana and a shotgun in Burge’s vehicle. – John Taylor, NBC Sports

Four months ago, Burge was cited for drinking intoxicants while driving a vehicle.

It seems running from the law keeps you shape, but diminishes your chances of ever playing in a BCS bowl.

Source: NBC Sports

Border War Voodoo Doll

Paper doll pattern.
Another Border War football game means another edition of the Mizzvoodoo Doll. Just download the pdf, print, cut and fold. Now you are ready to impact pain through the ancient art of voodoo.