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MU Band Disrepects Future Heros


A report from the Columbia Missourian tells how the Fizzou band disrespected Navy after getting embarrassed in the Texas Bowl.

The author, Margaret Fries, describes the situation:

At the end of the game, the Missouri players left the field and most of the Missouri fans had left. The Missouri marching band played the Missouri alma mater and the fight song. Navy players, fans and midshipmen waited patiently at the other end of the field for the Missouri band to finish.

When Missouri finished, the Navy Drum and Bugle Corps (small in number compared to the Missouri band) started playing the historical Navy Blue and Gold. At this point, the Missouri band blasted the Missouri fight a second time and completely drowned out Navy’s turn to sing their alma mater.

Fzzou quickly wrote it off as a “misunderstanding” and that they couldn’t hear Navy’s band.


Follow-up: January 5

Once again the Missourian posted an article from an open contibuter askinga about MU’s tarditions.

He states:

I’m writing in response to the Navy-Mizzou band mix-up. Is it tradition that the Tigers rush off the field as their band is playing the fight song and alma mater after a loss? Most teams stick around long enough to carry out the tradition, or they might otherwise be accused of disrespecting their own school. Heck, I bet Mizzou didn’t have 200 fans in the stands by the end of their ritual.

If the school does have traditions they apparently seem to throw them out the door after getting pounded.


Follow-up: January 7

Mizzou Apologizes, but Navy Hardly Accepts

Officials for the University of Missouri have apologized to the US Naval Academy for what call a misunderstanding.

Richard Johnson, executive vice president of the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation had this to say in response:

he finds it hard to believe that was the case. He attended the game and said he watched MU band officials looking over their shoulders as the Naval Academy began to play.

“I’m not sure this isn’t revisionist history going on,” he said. “I think Navy fans were disturbed by it. It was an embarrassment for Missouri. Whether or not it was intentional, that’s the way it came across.”

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