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Mizzou is Stranger Than Fiction

Course on sibling incest offered at Mizzou. (Image via TFM)

The headline reads like it came from the Onion, “Sibling Incest Class Offered At University Of Missouri” but this story comes from the Huffington Post. The class title sounds like a Missouri PSA campaign but will actually focus on “theoretical and critical perspectives on incest, and sibling incest in particular, alongside readings of literature of the late eighteenth through early twentieth century.”

Given that Missouri has a reputation as being a bunch of back water hicks who marry their cousins you would think they wouldn’t want to draw attention to this subject. The class will no doubt comfort in state students and educate out of staters on regional life styles. For a state that isn’t quite over slavery being outlawed this is twisted attempt at being progressive.

Total Frat Move has pretty good take on the whole thing.

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