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Mizzou Athletics Official Charges $7,600 on School Credit Card

More Tiger's at the strip club.

Another Tiger was caught doing something dumb at a strip club.

With Mizzou’s history of dumbfounding indiscretion it should come as no surprise today that a standard audit of the Athletic Department’s business function revealed a $7,600 charge at a Las Vegas strip club. Michael Schumacher, the offending Tiger, had such a good time that he left a $2,000 dollar tip on the school’s dime.

While it is not a shock to hear news of Tiger’s getting caught doing stupid things, it is interesting that an athletic’s official would be so careless while Frank Haith is under investigation for taking players to strip clubs with prominent booster Nevin Shapiro while coaching at Miami.

I guess a Tiger can’t change it’s strips…er, stripes.


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