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Magic Eye


For some reason I found myself wondering what ever happened to those Magic Eye books from my Elementary School career. After a little research I was able to find a Flash site that creates Magic Eye style stereo graph images. It was a little limiting in that I has to use my mouse to draw out the text that is embedded in the image, but in the end it came out pretty clean.

The above shot is a miniaturized version of the actual image, so the effects might be skewed by the scaling. See the full image here. There are instructions in the lower right if you are having trouble seeing the image.

Feel free to send and forward to your Fizzou “friends”.

Tiger Slayer


The Kansas City Star’s photo essay of the top photographs from 2009 includes this beauty (phot0 #10) of Kerry Meier catching a TD in front of the MU cheering section.

Prank Call: Quin Snyder

MU Finally Wins title!

While hardly a distinguished institution, has declared Missouri “America’s greatest collection of dim-witted administrators in 2009”. This spawns from the recent incident where the University failed to secure all extensions of their Mizzou digital brand. As reported two days ago, the noble owner of has set this domain up to redirect it’s visitors to

The author does a pretty good job of ripping the university and closes with the zinger:

By late Tuesday, GoDaddy had taken down the redirection link. But no one can take Mizzou’s hard-earned title away.

MU, not master of their domains


From the Lawrence Journal World:

The owner of is using the address to direct visitors away from their expected online lair — a home page affiliated with the University of Missouri — and lure them instead into the official, virtual world of the Kansas Jayhawks:

To be honest I am kind of surprised that they even have computers to know what a domain name is. The director of alumni affairs even said” “Wow, somebody’s pretty smart.” Obviously not speaking of himself, the University

Other references:

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Wow. Horrible.