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Even Chase Daniel Doesn’t Like Fizzou fans

It turns out the same thing that other school’s hate about Missouri is also what former Fizzou quarterback Chase Daniel hates about them: the whiny fans!

Fizzou followed up their Nebraska styled ass-whooping by having a team wide melt down against Texas Tech. In typical fashion the fans started bitching about their team and pointing fingers because they had mistakenly pronounced this team as being worthy of mention.

Chase responded with this tweet:

Tired of fair weather fans for Mizzou! True fans stand behind their team no matter what happens! Proud of them! They will get it back

His optimism is unfounded, but at least he doesn’t throw his team under the bus for simply not living up to unrealistic expectations.

Link to article: Chase Daniel Tired of Fair Weather Fans


One of the plays that helped give Mizzery it’s name. Thank you Nebraska!