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Whine Time

The transition from November to December is usually a time for putting up holiday decorations and planning family trips to see relatives. However if you are a Mizzou fan it is time to start creating excuses for yet another disappointing football season and ultimately accepting an invitation to another mediocre bowl game.

You see Mizzou fans have the the unique ability to see greatness where there is none and then blame the team, media, and even other fans when they realize they were wrong. When expectations and results don’t match up someone has to take the blame. Then come the excuses.

A common excuse is that the Missouri fans don’t travel well, and there is certainly truth to that. Just look at their pitiful history in attending Bowl games. But in reality the bowls are more worried that Mizzou fans WILL show up. It’s like inviting an group of ex-convicts to your wedding. Just look at last year’s Texas bowl which saw the Tigers band disrespect Navy after getting embarrassed on the field, by blasting their fight song during the historical Navy Blue and Gold.

Whiny fans are one thing, and thinking your above a bowl game that you end up losing is another, but if your band can’t even behave then you have problems.

What others are saying about MIzzou’s fans:

“Year after year, Mizzou fans complain about this travesty. And year after year Mizzou fans fail to support the Tigers to the maximum, thus perpetuating the problem.” – St. Louis Post Dispatch

“The Missouri Tigers may perform well on the field, but the fans do not provide the support required to make them an attractive bowl invite.” – MrPressBox

“It’s looking like Mizzou will be considered the fifth best team in the Big 12, which would be disappointing to Missouri fans.” – SB Nation – Kansas City

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