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Georgia football player holds up sign after they thorough beat down Mizzou.

Georgia football player holds up sign after they thoroughly beat down Mizzou in Columbia


Mizzou’s SEC debut looked a lot like their play in the Big 12: ugly, over hyped, and unfocused. This game had plenty of story lines. I could talk about Mizzou’s trash talk that never got backed up or their incredible ability to repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot or even their horrendous uniforms (Blind Melon wants their bumble bee costume back), but I’ll let the media do the talking.

Tigers still have far to go | STL Today

Saturday night at Faurot Field was the sort of gawdawful moment that epitomized the wildest dreams and most agonizing nightmares of Tiger lovers everywhere.

No. 7 Georgia Rocks Mizzou 41-20 in SEC Debut | Fox 4 News

Down 27-20 with 8 minutes to play in the fourth quarter, Franklin threw an interception on Mizzou’s 20-yard line. Georgia returned it to the one-yard line, and added a rushing TD to go up 34-20.

On the ensuing drive, Franklin fumbled the ball after being sacked by Georgia defensive tackle Jarvis Jones. The Bulldogs took over on Mizzou’s five-yard line, and quickly put the nail in the coffin with a rushing TD to take a 41-20 lead.

Dawg gone it! Mizzou crushed in SEC opener | MissouriNet

What was a one touchdown game early in the fourth quarter, turned into a 21-point blowout as the Missouri Tigers self-destructed in a 41-20 loss to the Georgia Bulldogs, in the program’s first league game in the SEC.

Missouri coaching staff went into panic mode. Faced with a 4th and 11 at their own 35, the Tigers lined up to punt , but Trey Barrow ran a fake and made it just three yards, giving the Bulldogs the ball at the Mizzou 38.

Mizzou focused on trying to establish a rushing game, but gained just eight yards on 20 carries in the first half.

Deflating debut for Mizzou | STL Today

…perhaps the most-anticipated game in Mizzou football history lived up to the buildup for three quarters but ultimately was defined by dashed hopes.

Mizzou loses SEC debut to No. 7 Georgia 41-20 | Kansas City Star

Georgia overwhelmed Missouri the rest of the way in a 41-20 victory and “old-man football” — as Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson called Georgia’s style last week — won out.

Who would've thought a stupid statement by a Mizzou player would come back to bite them in the ass?

Who would’ve thought a stupid statement by a Mizzou player would come back to bite them in the ass?

More media coverage of Mizzou’s SEC debut debacle (updated 9/11/2012):

Mizzou’s QB lacks passion in loss to Georgia | KMOV St. Louis

If you’re going to be the star, you don’t let their star walk all over you. Missouri wasn’t out of this game until Jones put them out of it. He willed Georgia to victory. Where was our leader while he was tearing us apart?

Game Recap: Mizzou Vs UGA | Zoulogy

The beginning of this epic battle was absolutely horrid. Balls were hitting the ground like they were playing dodgeball back in high school. With 6 fumbles total between the two teams. Missouri with 3 and 2 of them lost.

Georgia teaches Mizzou about Grown Man Football

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