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Texas Chokes Chase

This Texas lineman does what everyone in country wants to do.

One Shining Moment

Here’s a nice compilation of Missouri’s accomplishments (events listed below):

1. MU v Nebraska “The Kick” touchdown
2. Student section after David Padgett’s shot closes Hearnes
3. The infamous Ricky Clemens
4. Steve Stipanovich’s shooting himself in the foot, then blaming it on a robber, then admitting he was lying.
5. A “full” Mizzou arena during a men’s home bball game.
6. Quin Snyder getting some TLC from a fan’s popcorn.
7. Chase Daniels picking his nose on the sidelines…then eating the boogie.
8. Colorado’s “Fifth Down” touchdown victory.
9. Skinny Antler dancing.
10. Cheerleader falls.
11. Sports Center anchor and MU grad John Anderson sports his Bucknell shirt @ MU v KU hoops game.
12. Paige Laurie, namesake of Paige Arena.
13. Quin working for his boss.
14. Tyus Edney takes Jason Sutherland and the Tigers the length of the court.
15. Rhode Island knocks Mizzou out of the first round in the 1988 tourney to cap 3 straight 1st round exists by the Tigers.
16. Arthur Johnson breaks his back.
17. Kansas defeats Missouri in Columbia to go 16-0 in the Big 12.
18. Tigers dance during their rap video.
19. Keyon Dooling has big eyes.
20. What happens when you Google “Missouri Final Four Appearances”.

The best comment to this video on YouTube:

This´╗┐ is so funny, i could watch it every day. Why can’t we have a quality rival? At least UNC has Duke. Both claim titles and have glory, as well as academics. We’ve got underacheiving hillbillies with a generic tiger as their mascot. Sooooo lame.

Google Knows Best

Google search for "Missouri Final Four Appearances"

Google search for "Missouri Final Four Appearances"

When an information juggernaut tells you to refine your search, you know something is wrong.

Found at: BitterSweetBlue

A Mess of a Program

A complete list of Quin Synder’s low-lights have been assembled by Fizzou fans here. It is much longer than his list of achievements.

MU Can’t Dunk

Drive chart visualizes Missouri futility

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 6.43.35 PM

The above chart shows every drive from the Big 12 championship game. While the final score tells us how much the Sooners were able to dominate Missouri this chart helps visualize just how badly MU played in thier one chance at football relevance.

See the animated version.

BCS Bowling

UCLA Embarasses MU in NCAA Tournament

A classic Missouri move, stealing defeat from the jaws of victory.

1961 Ku-Mu Basketball Brawl