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Another Hit and Run QB for Mizzou

Another Mizzou QB Arrested: Maty Mauk

Mizzou Quarterback Maty Mauk was arrested for hit and run, resisting arrest, reckless driving, and failing to stop at a light. Mobile quarterback indeed.

NBC Sports reports that 3rd string QB Maty Mauk was arrested for multiple traffic violations while riding his scooter. This is the third legal incident involving a Mizzou QB this off season. With Corbin Berkstresser’s hit and run arrest and Ashton Glaser’s bizarre arrest after getting punched in the face by a stranger marking the earlier incidents.

From the Tribune:

At 12:17 a.m. MU police spotted Mauk make contact with two vehicles while driving his scooter east on Kentucky Blvd. — with two female passengers on board. Officers attempted to pull Mauk over, but he drove away, turning south on Curtis Ave. and also ran a stop sign, according to the incident report. The officers later found the scooter abandoned between two cars in a parking lot.

Through their investigation, the officers contacted Mauk and he turned himself into MU police headquarters at 11:18 a.m. and was arrested on suspicion of four misdemeanor charges: leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident, resisting arrest by fleeing a vehicle, operating a vehicle in a reckless manner and failure to observe a traffic control device.

Mauk was able to ditch the meth after parking the scooter and thus avoided the more serious charges that come with driving under the influence (a common Mizzou offense) and possession of a schedule II drug.


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